Translator with copywriting skills

Malaga, Spain

Translator with copywriting skills

Mixed profile: professional translator with a good, creative writing style.

Uptodown is an alternative app store that localizes its content into 15 different languages thanks to an in-house Localization department, which we are currently redesigning. We are looking for someone with experience as a professional translator, familiar with the use of CAT tools and NMT engines, but also with a good, creative writing style, ideally with some experience as a proofreader for both ES and EN texts. They should be process-oriented, able to work both as a team and independently, and have a desire to contribute to the overall strategy. We're growing and we would love for you to grow with us.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

The hired professional with be supporting two departments: Localization and Content Creation. They will mainly collaborate with and assist our in-house Localization Project Manager (LPM), helping with daily management tasks, coordinating teams located all over the world, translating and proofreading short texts into both ES and EN, as well as covering for her when not available. They will also support the Content Creation department, writing texts and profiling apps, and serving as a bridge between the two departments when the situation requires it is.

They would actively engage with Uptodown teams, partners, and developers to encourage constant feedback on translation quality and localization standard methodologies. They will also help create and maintain reference materials, such as TMs, glossaries, and style guides.

We highly value

  • Previous experience working with online CAT tools
  • Knowledge in languages other than English

Qualifications and required skills

  • Degree in Translation, Philology, Linguistics or equivalent.
  • +2 years of experience as a translator and proofreader.
  • Familiar with CAT tools, TMs, MTEs, their use and their service.
  • Good and creative writing style, with an eye both on linguistic correctness and SEO.
  • Ability to communicate and collaborate with teams located all over the world.
  • Native (or proficient) ES speaker.
  • Proficiency in EN.
  • Ability to work remotely.
  • Eager to learn and able to adapt to changing environments.

What's in it for you?

  • Permanent position from day one where you get to take part in the company's long-term strategy.
  • Flexible schedule and remote work. See Uptodown Employee Benefits: https://www.uptodown.io/jobs
  • Training for your position and whatever your interests are.
  • Competitive salary starting at €24,000 gross per year based on experience (up to €32,000 gross per year including variables).